Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Down to earth and on YOUR side! Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter to the Editor - Ladder at The Landing

If you follow Glen Isla Road about 5K east of Proserpine there is a popular fishing spot on the Proserpine River called The Landing. It is a Recreational Reserve.
There's a ladder on the bank of this tidal river that gives access to and from the river. At low tide the distance from the bank to the water is approximately six metres.
From time to time the ladder needs repairing and/or resetting as the banks are ever changing. It has been eight years since it was last repaired.
 It is necessary for this ladder to remain in case of an accident in the river it is the only access out of the river other than Conway River ramp 25 k down river.
Several older persons who fish regularly at the Landing brought the need for repair to my notice.
At Council question time on the September 14, 2011, I asked that the ladder be repaired. The ladder was removed and taken to the Council Depot.
Five months later, at the last Council Meeting, Infrastructure Services told me that the ladder was not a priority. The many people who fish from small boats in the river I'm sure would disagree; the ladder is a priority and a safety issue.
The problem we seem to have is that small things such as this are important but not in the public eye, so are deemed "Not a priority.”
It would become a priority if someone gets hurt and cannot get out of the river.
I urge all those who use the river to contact their Councillor or Mayor to have the ladder restored.
Council needs to represent all the citizens of this shire, not only the ones of their choosing. 
 Alan Dufty,
Glen Isla,
Proserpine. 4800.

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