Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Down to earth and on YOUR side! Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Council Question time

      This week as usual, I attended the Council Meeting where I requested an answer to my question asked at the Council meeting on 9th November 2011. 
My question was regarding the removal of the sign on the Airport Road, Sir Reginald Ansett Drive that runs from the railway line to the Whitsunday Coast Airport.
 This section of the road was named for Sir Reginald Ansett in recognition of the vision and monetary contribution he made to the upgrade of the Whitsunday Coast Airport in the 1950's. At that time, Ansett owned Hayman Island.
In the 60's I remember the large Ansett helicopters that flew from the then Proserpine Airport to bring tourists to Hayman Island. Those that have been around long enough will remember the little train that took you from the boat or helicopter to Hayman resort. Reg Ansett had the vision in conjunction with the then Proserpine Shire Council to upgrade the Proserpine Airport to enable larger aircraft to land.
The road sign has been missing for over 12 months and I was concerned that this road may loose that important historical connection.
The contribution that Reg Ansett and others made to this area when the Tourist Industry was in its infancy should not be forgotten.
After no action for three months, I have now been assured that the sign would be reinstated in the near future.

We will wait and see

Till next time, Alan

Alan Dufty for Whitsunday Council Division 2

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