Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Down to earth and on YOUR side! Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Question Time - conflicting answers

Hello everyone,

 After speaking to several residents of Airlie Crescent, I attended the Council Meeting and asked questions.

Q1. Why is it necessary for Airlie Crescent to be closed and why is it not possible to make it a one-way street?

Brunker's answer was that Main Roads would not allow it.

Q2. Would the Ratepayers be up for the extra cost of the proposed turnaround on Airlie Crescent to allow for buses?

I got two answers. 1.  That it would be included in the $17 million Main Street upgrade. I then asked what would be left out, to make up for this extra cost. Brunker said nothing would be left out; Main Roads would pay the extra.

Over the past four years, I have asked many questions at meetings and I get the same conflicting answers, which seem to be made up on the run.

Alan Dufty

Division 2 Candidate

Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter to the Editor - Ladder at The Landing

If you follow Glen Isla Road about 5K east of Proserpine there is a popular fishing spot on the Proserpine River called The Landing. It is a Recreational Reserve.
There's a ladder on the bank of this tidal river that gives access to and from the river. At low tide the distance from the bank to the water is approximately six metres.
From time to time the ladder needs repairing and/or resetting as the banks are ever changing. It has been eight years since it was last repaired.
 It is necessary for this ladder to remain in case of an accident in the river it is the only access out of the river other than Conway River ramp 25 k down river.
Several older persons who fish regularly at the Landing brought the need for repair to my notice.
At Council question time on the September 14, 2011, I asked that the ladder be repaired. The ladder was removed and taken to the Council Depot.
Five months later, at the last Council Meeting, Infrastructure Services told me that the ladder was not a priority. The many people who fish from small boats in the river I'm sure would disagree; the ladder is a priority and a safety issue.
The problem we seem to have is that small things such as this are important but not in the public eye, so are deemed "Not a priority.”
It would become a priority if someone gets hurt and cannot get out of the river.
I urge all those who use the river to contact their Councillor or Mayor to have the ladder restored.
Council needs to represent all the citizens of this shire, not only the ones of their choosing. 
 Alan Dufty,
Glen Isla,
Proserpine. 4800.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Council Question time

      This week as usual, I attended the Council Meeting where I requested an answer to my question asked at the Council meeting on 9th November 2011. 
My question was regarding the removal of the sign on the Airport Road, Sir Reginald Ansett Drive that runs from the railway line to the Whitsunday Coast Airport.
 This section of the road was named for Sir Reginald Ansett in recognition of the vision and monetary contribution he made to the upgrade of the Whitsunday Coast Airport in the 1950's. At that time, Ansett owned Hayman Island.
In the 60's I remember the large Ansett helicopters that flew from the then Proserpine Airport to bring tourists to Hayman Island. Those that have been around long enough will remember the little train that took you from the boat or helicopter to Hayman resort. Reg Ansett had the vision in conjunction with the then Proserpine Shire Council to upgrade the Proserpine Airport to enable larger aircraft to land.
The road sign has been missing for over 12 months and I was concerned that this road may loose that important historical connection.
The contribution that Reg Ansett and others made to this area when the Tourist Industry was in its infancy should not be forgotten.
After no action for three months, I have now been assured that the sign would be reinstated in the near future.

We will wait and see

Till next time, Alan

Alan Dufty for Whitsunday Council Division 2

Friday, February 3, 2012

We need the road travellers to actually STOP here.

Cc: Whitsunday Times ; Whitsunday Coast Guardian
Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2012 8:00 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

After the closure of the Information Centre last year, I wrote several letters to the local papers voicing my concern at the closure.
No one commented publically. Two weeks ago I wrote another letter to which Peter O'Reilly from Tourism Whitsunday and Lyle Reinbott, Division 1 Candidate, replied with great criticism of my comments.
Could the criticism aimed at me now have anything to do with a Local Government Election coming up?
Maybe I didn't make myself clear. What I said was, referring to the 70% of visitors who come by road, "Not a cent is being spent to encourage them to STOP in our area" and in another sentence "Why aren't we encouraging these people to STOP as most seem to pass us by.”
Yes, Tourism Whitsunday is doing great advertising to get people to come to the Whitsundays. My observation and concern is that we need the road travellers to actually STOP here.
Since the closure of the Information Centre, I have heard laments from the staff at the Proserpine Museum and Proserpine Business Houses that people go and ask them where the Information Centre is located.
When driving to a new town the first thing you look for is an Information Centre to get first hand information and maps of the area.
It's not a question of whether we can afford to have an Information Centre, it's can we afford not to.
In my opinion, the whole area is missing out on a large proportion of visitors because we have no Information Centre.
 Alan Dufty,
Glen Isla.
Alan Dufty for Whitsunday Council - Division 2 - 
Alan Dufty for Whitsunday Regional Council division two, Alan Dufty paraplegic athlete, 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I am running for Whitsunday Regional Council

My reason for running for Council is that I would like to change many things; mainly to give fair representation across the whole of the Whitsunday Council area  and to listen to  people and to implement their will where possible.
My vision for the future is not impossible but I know it will take a lot of hard work. I have survived 38 years as a paraplegic when I was given just ten.
I have been able by hard work and determination, with my family, to not only achieves my goals but to go over and above the expectations I put on myself.
Because of my disability, I have had to work harder and in many cases overcome prejudice and discrimination, but it has all been worth it.
Because of my sport, I have been able to travel all round the world, something I probably would not otherwise have done. Travel adds an insight that we live in a wonderful part of the World. Let’s make it well governed as well.
I want the best for our citizens; I want to work for you.
Give me a chance.
Sincerely, Alan Dufty