Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Down to earth and on YOUR side! Alan Dufty will speak for his fellow ratepayers of Division 2

Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I am running for Whitsunday Regional Council

My reason for running for Council is that I would like to change many things; mainly to give fair representation across the whole of the Whitsunday Council area  and to listen to  people and to implement their will where possible.
My vision for the future is not impossible but I know it will take a lot of hard work. I have survived 38 years as a paraplegic when I was given just ten.
I have been able by hard work and determination, with my family, to not only achieves my goals but to go over and above the expectations I put on myself.
Because of my disability, I have had to work harder and in many cases overcome prejudice and discrimination, but it has all been worth it.
Because of my sport, I have been able to travel all round the world, something I probably would not otherwise have done. Travel adds an insight that we live in a wonderful part of the World. Let’s make it well governed as well.
I want the best for our citizens; I want to work for you.
Give me a chance.
Sincerely, Alan Dufty


  1. Good on You Alan. I'd vote for you if I was in the Whitsunday Area !
    Kathy Atwell

  2. What wonderful achievements Alan has made. You have a very dedicated citizen and candidate for the Whitsunday Council, I only wish there were more honest,caring, loveable families in all regions of Queensland. To think of others and to work tireless for his community is an absolute credit to what Alan & Olga stand for. GOD BLESS, GOOD LUCK AS I know you will do exactly as you have promised to the voters living in your area.
    Janice Davis

  3. Wish that we were in your division.. We need more candidates like you. Good luck.. but I am sure that you will be elected.. just look at the opposition!! My daughter said it all!! Pat